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 Perils for Portents

San Francisco, 1890s
Francie, an entrepreneur, wants to travel the world and make her fortune.
Rooney, her mechanical savant brother, wants to tinker in his uncle’s shop.
Mrs. La Fontaine, the ghost haunting the fortunetelling machine, wants to stay right where she is.
Big Jim, the carnival manager, wants to kill Francie to keep his murderous past a secret.
Not everyone is going to be happy.
But fortunes will be told and, possibly, made.     





Beauty and Wickedness (Ever After Fairy Tales Book 1): “Ricardo del Penacho”

Dangerous spirits lurk in the woods
A bargain can bind a soul
Enchanted sleep can only be broken by true love’s kiss…

You know these things are true…even in this modern world. Your heart still recognizes the power and mystery you can only find in a fairy tale.

In Beauty and Wickedness, sixteen authors retell and reimagine some of the most enchanting fairy tales ever told. Within these pages, you’ll find beauty and treachery, magic and courage, innocence and wickedness…and at least some happy endings.

Come and lose yourself in the delights and dangers of Beauty and Wickedness.


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Doorway into Faerie

Doorway into Faerie: “Dancing in the Moonlight”

What if you followed a path through a city park, and found yourself in another land? What if the archway you just passed is really a portal to Faerie? What if the guardian of an opening into our world has perished, and left the doorway unattended?

If you catch a glimpse of the Faery Queen
Consider whether you should remain unseen
If you come across a faery ring
Listen to the wind laugh, and murmur and sing
But beware, for if you enter the world of the Fae
You may have no choice but to stay…

Walk through the doorway and into sixteen different worlds of magic and enchantment.


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Fiction River: Sparks (Volume 17): “The Laser Point”

Everyone faces dark times. Everyone looks for a light to get through. These fifteen stories show teen heroes/heroines using creativity and heart to find their inner “spark” to overcome adversity, evil, or ignorance. These compelling young heroes/heroines prove sometimes it simply takes a spark to light a fire in the darkness. “If you haven’t checked out Fiction River yet, you should. There’s something for everyone.” —Keith West, Adventures Fantastic



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FR-Alchemy-Steam-ebook-coverFiction River: Alchemy & Steam (Fiction River: An Original Anthology Magazine Book 13): “Pennies for Portents”

Alchemy changes more than dross into gold. It changes steampunk stories into stories of magical transformation. These thirteen stories combine science and magic into do-not-miss alternate history stories that span the globe. Travel with a soul-stealing carnival, meet the Grand Dangoolie, put on some perfect perfume, and sample some magical chocolate. These adventures grace the pages of the most creative volume of Fiction River yet.

“If you haven’t checked out Fiction River yet, you should. There’s something for everyone.”
—Keith West, Adventures Fantastic

“… fans of the unconventional will be well satisfied.”


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Fiction River: Tavern Tales (Fiction River: An Original Anthology Magazine Book 21): “Wider Horizons”

Think you know a tavern tale when you hear one? Think again. The seventeen stories in this volume run the gamut of genre and mood. Bars filled with glitter and ghosts stand alongside taverns filled with orcs and adventurers. Exclusive members-only drinks served at the end of the universe war with coffee bars with strange employee policies in the Pacific Northwest. Dive bars, afterlife bars, gay bars—you name it, and you’ll find it in Tavern Tales. So, grab a drink and get ready for one of the most entertaining Fiction River volumes yet.




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DB FR23-Editors-Choice-ebook-cover-SmallFiction River: Editor’s Choice (Fiction River: An Original Anthology Magazine Book 23): “Trees” (Given a 2-Star Recommendation on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017)

Tangent Online Recommended Reading List

So, editor Mark Leslie decided to save some of those amazing stories for this latest volume of Fiction River: Editor’s Choice. These tales run the gamut from YA fantasy to cozy crime to slipstream to horror. And they represent the incredible diversity of styles, voices, and genre that inspired Adventures Fantastic to call Fiction River “one of the best and most exciting publications in the field today.”

Tangent Online Editor’s Choice Review

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Innocence and Deceit (Ever After Fairy Tales Book 2): “City of Nowhere in the World

What if Cinderella was the wicked one, and manipulated her kind, loving stepmother and stepsisters?

Is being a handsome, charming prince really as effortless and trouble-free as it seems?

Innocence and Deceit, the second volume in the Ever After Fairy Tales anthology series, contains fourteen fairy tales retold, reimagined, and reinvented.

Enter the magical, unpredictable, wonderful world of fairy tales!

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Midwinter Fae: “Summerland’s Paladin”

On the day of the shortened sun
A battle between two kings has begun.
The old year dies, and the Oak King rules
We celebrate with logs of Yule!
But the Holly King is defeated, not dead
To Caer Arianrhod he heads.
Until Midsummer, when they battle again
And the Holly King will once again reign…

This collection includes nineteen tales of faeries and magic at Midwinter.


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Halloween Night

Halloween Night: A Spooky 11 Book Box Set

Halloween Night. The scariest and most fun night of the year. A night where our imaginations fill with images of blood thirsty vampires, broom flying witches, evil wizards casting enchantments on us, undead mummies seeking revenge, and flesh ripping werewolves attacking us from the shadows. Be prepared to be scared, very scared as you read this terrifying fiction by some of todays best authors. Includes “Dancing Trees”

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On Hallow's Eve Dancing Trees Pull out

On Hallow’s Eve

Celebrate Halloween with these spooky, creepy tales. On that darkest night of the year, when the veil between the ordinary world and the world of scares and imagination fades away, treat yourself to stories that thrill and chill you. Some tales are sweet as candy, some chill to the bone. Are the monsters real? Or just people in rubber masks?

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